Video Production

At Archipelago, we have a talented team of professionals who are able to create a wide variety of video and internet based programs for corporations, non-profits, conferences, museum exhibits and private individuals. We will meet with you at the early stage and can help develop a visual concept for your ideas. With expert production values and visual effects, we can bring a finished program to life and inspire any audience.



Apart from his work on Archipelago productions, Young regularly works as a cinematographer for other producers. Clients include: Nature, National Geographic, Nova, The American Experience, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

While visual style is often dictated by subject matter, Young most often pursues an experiential style of cinematography. Whether filming people or animals, his goal is always to put the audience inside the story. This often involves the creative use of lighting, as well as specialized equipment and techniques such as: Steadicam, jib arms, probe lenses, aerial mounts, underwater housings, time-lapse and high-speed photography. However, on human subjects, Young often finds there is no substitute for spontaneous and intuitive handheld shooting to put the audience in the moment. 

Young is well versed in all major acquisition formats, including 16 and 35mm film, high definition video, and cutting edge cinema cameras such as the Phantom and Red Dragon. Equipment packages are available to suit the needs of any production.

Stock Footage

Archipelago Films has a large collection of stock footage shot with an uncompromising visual style. Geographical areas include Central America, South America, Alaska and Madagascar. Subjects include forests, wildlife and indigenous people. The Alaska collection includes such iconic subjects as bald eagles, brown bears, salmon, humpback whales, seals, sea lions, wolves, glaciers, and mountains.

Our stock footage clients include National Geographic Television, Survival Anglia, Jacques Cousteau, Nova, Smithsonian World, CBC, American Museum of Natural History, St. Louis Zoo, and the Grateful Dead. Please contact us for up-to-date pricing information.