With our new project Pondemonium (watch the teaser here), we are exploring the cycles of nature in our very own backyard. This large format digital film will follow the daily dramas of common animals - like the turtle, heron, frog, raccoon and dragonfly - juxtaposed with the activities of nearby humans more concerned with their computer screens, mobile devices, and the endless pursuit of money and status. The film will tell the story of our disconnect with nature, with the aim of inspiring a new and transformative connection.

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Wood frog set

Israeli Palestinian puppet show

Combatants For Peace


This documentary follows a group called "Combatants for Peace," founded by former Israeli and Palestinian combatants who have laid down their weapons and embraced non-violent activism to end the conflict in the Middle East. The film will focus on a handful of members from both sides, and trace their transformational journeys from soldiers committed to armed confrontation to non-violent peace activists.