Backyard Wilderness


Our latest project, Backyard Wilderness is our first foray into large format filmmaking. Exploring the cycles of nature in our own backyard, the film follows the daily dramas of its inhabitants including the blue jay, wood duck, salamander, raccoon, and white-tailed deer, juxtaposed with the activities of nearby humans who, for the most part, are wrapped up in their time and space existence, oblivious to these natural wonders. The film will show the story of our disconnect with nature, with the hopes of inspiring a new and transformative co-existence between humans and the incredible diversity of species that also call our planet home.

Backyard Wilderness is the first film being made under our 501(c) 3 organization, Arise Media, which was created to produce quality, thought-provoking media about some of the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

Want to know more about Backyard Wilderness? Watch the teaser here!

Wood frog set