Julie of the Wolves

Archipelago Films is currently developing a feature film based on the Newbery Award winning children's classic "Julie of the Wolves." As in the book, Julie is an orphaned teenage Inupiat Eskimo who flees an abusive relationship only to find herself lost and starving to death on the Alaskan tundra. Struggling to maintain her wits and nerve, she comes upon a wolf den ruled by the pack's magnificent leader, Amaroq. Through will and determination, Julie learns the pack's ways and wins Amaroq's acceptance and a share of the pack's food. From her adopted family, Julie finds not only survival, but a deeper sense of who she is. But then, tragedy strikes. Only the wolf pack and the wisdom of the ancestors can prepare Julie for what lies ahead in this classic tale of survival and self-discovery.

"Julie of the Wolves" will be a nature-themed family adventure drama interwoven with highly topical themes, including the forced assimilation of indigenous peoples and man's threat to the environment. At its heart though, "Julie" is a love story about a girl, her lost father and a pack of magnificent wild wolves.